View Full Version : Benelli M3 Pump question

April 26, 2007, 05:44 PM
Hi guys !

I need a little help from other Benelli M3 owners.

I have a M3, that I use almost 100% of the time in semi-auto mode (I changed the mainspring for a 25% less power, from wolff).

I'm leaving tomorrow for a bird hunt in Uruguay and I'm bringing the M3 for her first hunt.

Inspecting the gun, I noticed that when swiched to "pump" mode, she doesn't lock the bolt when cocked, like other pumps do.

The gun is cocked, one in the chamber and everytime I pump she cycles (even without firing). It can't be normal. I can't even hold her at the forend aiming, because it's not locked before the shot.

I tried both my barrels, the 20" open sights for slugs and the 26" vented barrel with chokes, and the problem happens with both.

Am I missing something ?

Do you think it's a real problem, like some broken part or did I made something wrong ?


Andre Tiba - Brazil