View Full Version : best turkey loads for mossberg 535

April 25, 2007, 10:39 AM
Hey all, I bought the mossberg 535 for turkey hunting and am in the proccess of trying to determine the best load for the gun/ choke. So far it looks like even though the gun will handle 3.5" that the 3" shells seem to pattern best for me. Specificly Remington Hi-Vel #4 shot. I have been doing most of my shooting at 40yds.
Just looking to see if any one else uses thus gun, what they have found to be the most efective performer. My choke is the mossberg xtra full turkey .670 constriction. Thnaks

April 25, 2007, 12:29 PM
i use an 835, i use remington 3 1/2" premier hi-vel #5s, 2oz. also get good patterns with the federal supermags with the flite control wad. does depend on choke though - i use a briley xfull extended/ported.