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April 24, 2007, 03:07 PM
Anyone used these on game with good effect? I'm thinking of using them on the next pig hunt I go on:


1 & 3/8ths of an oz. (602 grains) @ 1,500 fps out of the 12 ga 3.0" sounds like a hammer indeed. That's over 3,000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle, and retaining over 1,700 ft-lbs of energy at 100 yards, with a true .723" wide bullet - that's impressive. Click on the "Buckhammer Challenge" there for some ballistics details.

Wanna find a good, reasonably priced load for my recent acquired 1187, described here:


which will wear (initially at least) the Trijicon/Armson OED dot sight, as described here:


which I got by UPS today.

April 25, 2007, 08:14 AM

I put the Armson OEG on the shotgun and test it in the house, up against the wall, but was having significant parallax-type errors, where the dot would move, without the gun/sight having moved. I could just blink and the dot would move. So I threw the Armson on the Mech-Tech/Glock 10mm carbine, and harvested the Redfield ESD (dot sight) off the Mech-Tech and put on the shotgun for now, until I get the Holosight. No parallax problems now. Anyone think the Redfield ESD either will or will not stand up to the recoil of 3" 12 ga slugs?

April 25, 2007, 06:42 PM
FF you discovered the one disadvantage of the Occluded Eye gunsite: wandering reticle. The technique of use of this sight is to point and shoot quickly. It was originally designed to use on shotguns and buzz-guns, and is not effective for precision aiming, especially at close range. Your eyes are constantly attempting to resolve the image of the target and reticle, and this makes the reticle 'wander'. I was given an original Singlepoint English OEG many years ago by a disgusted client who bought it thinking he should be able to see something through it, no matter how the princlple of the thing was explained to him. I put it on .22's, a short .44 Contender, and a lever carbine. No way you could take a careful precise aim with it. And the dot was 16 moa!! It sits in a drawer now, waiting for the time I need it for a gauge gun or sub-machine gun sight...ah well...at least I didn't pay a century note for it.

April 25, 2007, 10:22 PM
*NOW* you tell me about the OEG issues! Well you are exactly correct - it wanders as a result of the eye/brain apparently trying to reconcile something. Bounces about 2" at 5 yards. It appears to go left then right then left then right. Up and down stays constant though.

But it's all good...here's what I did...

Slapped the new Armson OEG onto the smoothbore Saiga-12 shottie, where less precision is needed. Plus, I like this combo since the OEG is ready to go for serious fighting or 3-gun, day or night, with no batteries (important for a defensive gun, IMO), and should withstand the 12 gauge recoil. And it's quick, which will help with 3-gun. This additionally solves the problem I was having with the Saiga's fixed iron sights resulting in a POI too high - the front sight was not high enough to bring the POI down.

Then put a pretty decent Redfield ESD dot sight onto the new Rem 1187 rifled slug gun - it's a Japanese red dot, not a Chinese. 4 dot sizes and 11 brightness settings. Will replace this with a Bushnell Mini-Holosight XLP (AAA version), OR, if funds permit, a real Eotech. This is a hunting rig, not a self-defense rig. It's for low light & midday walking pig-hunting in thick woods.

Then, took a cheapie $50 panoramic mini-dot sight which had been on the Saiga-12 scope mount, and put it on the Mech-Tech/Glock 10mm carbine where the Armson OEG was yesterday. This gun is mostly just for fun, so it doesn't matter what's on this one.

Now all is well in the universe. :)

Gonna snag some Buckhammers tomorrow - getting ready for a big range trip *next* weekend.