View Full Version : Vent rib attachment? Mossberg 500

April 22, 2007, 10:33 AM
I ran across a deal on an ugly 500. It's the black synthetic/green spray-paint-looking-camo variation with surface rust in all the nooks and crannies. $150 (but I think I can get him down some)

It functions perfectly and has little real wear on the internals. I want to turn it into a dedicated HD shotgun so I don't care about looks. Can I cut the barrel down to 18.5 or will I run into problems with the vent rib?

I don't want to try to sell the barrel and buy a short one because of the condition.

April 22, 2007, 11:39 AM
Better talk him down by 2/3. You can get a 8 shot Maverick(same thing, like buying Old Crow instead of Jim Beam) out the door for around or even less than that, and for not much more the Mossy you really want, brand new. Go check your Sunday paper, sporting goods stores ads.

I cut my 28" down to about 19". took the rib off about 1/2" back from that, flush with the post that connected it to the bbl. Used a hacksaw and file. Muzzle came out pretty good, unnerving to see the bare steel but after 3 years or so there was not one tiny pit of rust, not leaving the house is good enough protection I guess, in this climate. The rib looked a little haggard, too sloppy I guess.
But yeah, show him a ad for the price of a new one. don't go over a hundered. Last week I was offered a sawed off 500 w/ PG for $50., declined due to the seller making his living on various crimes. Said he thought it was trimmed 'right around' legal length.