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April 21, 2007, 09:53 AM
I bought remington hevi-shot three or four years back.I freind told me how poitent they were.He has taken turkeys down over 50 yds.My thery was four shot would work better.Even if I missed the head and neck,it would still do a numbed I the body.hevi 4 shot is like using 2 shot in lead world.That should smash through some feathers and bone.Opinions ??

April 21, 2007, 11:31 AM
Don't count on any legal turkey shot to penetrate wing feathers.....especially after ten yards. Shooting for anything other than neck and head on a turkey with shotgun loads is foolish. Even if the pellets penetrate vitals in the body, odds are you won't retrieve the bird...it will run or fly off and find a place to hide till it dies and becomes coyote bait. I've seen several hit with arrows hit in the vitals do the same thing with the arrows still stuck in them....and have taken follow up shots on birds that my buddies have hit(you could tell by the different shot found) in the body vitals that never even acted hit.

April 21, 2007, 01:02 PM
Forget about penetrating the body. Pattern both the 6's and the 4's, which ever gives you the best, use.

April 21, 2007, 01:11 PM
It's just about the range. If you're actually going to take a very long shot, over 40 yards, then 4 shot is preferable, because it retains more energy. If you can't decide, split the difference and go with 5 shot. I use 6 shot now, because all my shots are going to be under 40 yards in all likelihood, so I want more pellets on target. 2 oz of 6 shot from a 3" mag shell is devastating out to 40 yards, and that's a long shot in the woods. The hevi-shot is only a scrunthair heavier than lead, so there's no significant practical difference in the decision there between lead & hevi-shot, IMO.

April 21, 2007, 08:19 PM
Pattern the #6 out to about 40 yards. I got good patterns out to about 50 yards with HS #6 in my Nova and a Kick's GT .665 tube. That's farther than I would feel comfortable shooting a turkey, but it's nice to know I could if I had to.

April 22, 2007, 03:01 PM
For shots over 40 yds, I might suggest a 36gr. 22 lr hollow point, or another rifle of your choice if legal in your state:D . Otherwise, be patient, and don't risk wounding the bird...

April 22, 2007, 09:15 PM
I can't get mine to pattern worth a hoot. I have trie 3 different shotguns and a whole bunch of chokes.


April 23, 2007, 07:26 AM
I shot a bird at 54 yards last weekend in the wind and rain. I was using 3.5 winchester extended range no. 4s with a heavy shot tube on a super black eagle. Pellets in the head, neck, one hit a spur, and he had a broken wing. These shells are a little pricey, but I'd say effective.

My dad shoots old federal 3 inch #2s, and rolled one at 50 yards this year as well. Broke his wing and both legs as well as having pellets in the head and neck.

The weird thing is I haven't seen a single pellet in a breast I've cleaned, and no one has complained about chomping down on one.

April 23, 2007, 05:57 PM
The weird thing is I haven't seen a single pellet in a breast I've cleaned, and no one has complained about chomping down on on

That's cause them wings are like flak jackets.......congrats on your bird.