View Full Version : mossberg 835...crushing shells?

April 10, 2007, 06:52 AM
My Mossberg 835 was loaded with 5 rounds(4+1) of Winchester 12 Gauge
3.5" high-velocity 2oz #5shot. It also has a Knoxx Specops stock.
I fired one round. When I removed the empty I noticed the round going in had been bent or crushed. It had a bulge on one side just above the brass.
None of the other three had any defect.
Apparently the weight of the three shells in front of it caused the first shell in the tube to bend/crush during recoil.
My question is has anybody had this problem with the knoxx or Mossberg.
The only cure I can think of is to only load two shells in the tube or go to a lower recoiling round(I don't want to do this).
Any other suggestions.
I plan to call mossberg,knoxx and winchester and get their input.

April 10, 2007, 09:45 PM
Change brands of ammo. As I understand it, Winchester ammo is made with steel heads instead of brass. Most of the bulging occurs with Winchester. Most of the gripes with shotgun shells causing problems are Winchester related. I quit using as steels had different characteristics than barss, including temporary swelling in the chamber while it is hot immediately after firing causing ejection and other problems. Check out these forums and you will find this info.