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March 30, 2007, 10:24 PM
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Automatically feed shell (or bullet jacket)
-Check wrong position (such as up side down) and height of shell
-Check end insulator
-Contain propellant
-Check the containing propellant to shell
-Open mouth of shell for easier contain other part to cartridge
-Automatically convey wad
-Check the level of height of low of wad and check up side down
-Feed wad into shell
-Check wad which contained in shell
-Contain shot(s)
-Check the quantity of shot
-Automatically feed end cover plate
-Make crimp at the mouth of shell
-Compress crimp at the mouth of shell
-Grind the mouth of shell after compressing crimp completed
-Final check
-Adjust cartridge direction and convey to contain into cartridge box

April 8, 2007, 01:05 PM
Don't want much, eh!!!:eek:

I know of none that will do all you want. I use a high end Dillon and it doesn't do all those tricks. I know of no loader that is more capable than Dillon... unless you find out where Winc, Rem, Fed get their production machines and shell out (no pun) several thousand bucks.

In all honesty, I have found that the more automatic and complex loaders are often more time consuming and can easily result in more 'failures'. The Mk1 Mod 0 eyeball on the loading process along with some handling is not all bad.

April 8, 2007, 07:14 PM
This simply has to be a troll. No one could expect ANY machine to do what he wants. I loved the part about grinding the shell..:barf: What part is the "end insulator"?

April 9, 2007, 06:10 PM
The end insulator is right behind the primer bearing zerk fitting.

April 10, 2007, 09:09 AM
I'll speculate that a little benefit of the doubt might be in order. 'Course I've been wrong before. It may not be common knowledge that posting to a thread to "bump" it is more netiquette-enabled than re-posting.

Anyhow, I would guess that most highly automated shotshell loaders were produced "in house" by the manufacturers. In some cases, a market is large enough that producing the machine itself becomes a viable industry. Examples might include Kval and Norfield for wood door work and Amada for sheet metal fabrications. However, there are hundreds of firms needing Kvals or Norfields and presumably many thousands in the market for an Amada or similar.

Not too many in the market for a "shotshell Amada". My guess is nobody has an "off the shelf" automated facility available.

Watch industrial auctions.
Try getting a CNC fab center dude to cipher a referral.
"Freeze Frame" the movie "Lord of War", try to read any marks on the 7.62X39 machine.
Maybe North China Heavy Industries?
Try these guys: http://www.izhmash.ru/

Please don't start a third thread.
I doubt seriously other firearms related forums will be of substantially greater help - you may be better served with forums dedicated to automated fabrication systems.