View Full Version : Edwards Recoil Reducer?

March 26, 2007, 11:43 AM
Anyone use one of these before? I can't seem to fit them in my short synthetc stocks, but it will fit my wood ones and full sized synthetc. I have a 5" Max right now, and am thinking about dropping it into either my Argo telestock or my 11 1/2 11-87 Wood stock.


I think they have mostly been used on bird guns, anyone use them on a "duty gun"?

Here is some comments from their website:
Q: Will 1 or 2 Edwards Recoil Reducers® be necessary?

A: Generally, unless there is a medical reason, we usually recommend a single installation in most shotguns. This application will control greater than 85% of the felt recoil to the face and 65% to the shoulder. Unfortunately, there are times when a double installation (one adjustable and one non-adjustable Recoil Reducer) will be recommended, based on arthritic problems, injuries to the upper body, or facial/head injuries that prevent the constant battering of the cheek.

For rifles, one unit is recommended for 30.06 caliber and less, unless the shooter is firing custom loads where recoil is greater. For caliber’s greater than 30.06, two units are recommended.