View Full Version : shot 00 magnum buckshot in 12 gauge today

March 23, 2007, 10:06 PM
For the first time since I got my 870 Police Magnum, I fired a full 5 shells of magnum 00 buckshots. To hear some people talk about them, I thought those magnum loads would rip my shoulder off and give me a sore. Wrong. They weren't bad at all. the only sore point is on the knuckle of my middle finger where the trigger guard jerked backed and bumped it when I wasn't holding the gun as tight as I should have been. My shoulder is just fine. They were FUN to shoot. And effective too. I was standing about 8-10 feet from the base of a little tree. Didn't shoot it down as I expected, but gave it bunch of nice holes in it. To shoot it down maybe I should have loaded bird shot, more concentrated pellets rather than fewer larger ones.
I pity the goon who stands in front of my Police Magnum:cool:

March 23, 2007, 10:32 PM
My hats off to you. I have an 870 12ga. With 00 buck (not reduced recoil) it kicks like a mule. I am not large build so that's probably the problem. I shot some Mag's last summer wearing just a T shirt. I had black and blue marks for two weeks. Now I buy just the reduced recoil stuff. Guess I am a wimp but it will still ruin the BG's day.:cool:

Also, I have a 20ga that I load 3" #2 buck. Still kicks hard but handles a little better than my 12.

March 23, 2007, 10:53 PM
Most of the problem with punishing recoil in shotguns comes from improper length of pull or mounting the gun incorrectly. People tend to try to fight the recoil and lose. I shoot 3 1/2" buckshot to deer hunt and it's not bad at all. 2oz turkey loads on the other hand tend to hurt a bit, but I think a lot of that comes from the crappy position you have to get in to kill a turkey.

All that being said I still use reduced recoil 2 3/4" loads for HD. I'd rather have that faster follow up shot.

March 23, 2007, 11:40 PM
Most of the problem with punishing recoil in shotguns comes from improper length of pull or mounting the gun incorrectly.

I hear what you saying, but I have tried different length of pull & fit. Gas operated does fine. Pump 12ga or double barrel (with good pad) kicks the heck out of me with full loads. But the reduced recoil makes the difference, so I am OK.

I have shot something with a lot harder kick than a 12ga, but I am getting older. Years ago in the Army I fired an M1 with anti-tank grenade launcher. I thought my shoulder was broken.

March 24, 2007, 07:40 AM
All the auto's I've ever shot, save one, were better than a pump in terms of recoil. The one exception was a Charles Daly MaxiMag 3 1/2" chamber that I had for a couple years. I thought it would kick less than my mossberg 835 due to the gas operation. Boy was I wrong! That gun was so light that it kicked significantly harder. The porting didn't help any either. I've found that ported guns tend to come straight back into your shoulder where non ported let you ride the barrel rise without having to take it all straight into you.

I ended up selling that CD because of light strike issues. Had a couple of shells go click instead of boom. One was while I had a deer in my sights too.

So I took the money and bought an 870. Best switch I ever made!