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March 23, 2007, 08:18 AM
I have a 12g 2.5 in, has st etienne proof under each barrel,has the final proof with the word we posee above the symbol, has the mark PT with a crown above under each barrel,has the word grand prix in a circle,has the words gold medal in a circle, has a small mark of a rooster or pheasant on the bottom of each barrel with the words choke bored perfection by each bird, has the marking RC with a star, i guess a serial# 18348 on each barrel,also the mark B46 on each barrel, also 18.2 and 65 on each barrell. this is all under the barrels. the only marking anywhere on the outside is the words
MALOT A REIMS in gold underneath in front of the trigger guard..independant double triggers. can anyone tell me who made this shotgun or anything about it? the wood is good has both sling clips, looks like barrel was packed in grease or just old. also has the word acier under final proof mark

Jim Watson
March 23, 2007, 09:26 AM
Surely it was made or at least sold by somebody named Malot in Reims, France. Maybe somebody will come along with some information about him.

Crown/PT is the smokeless proof mark, 1900 on.
18.2 is the bore diameter and 65 is the chamber length in mm.
acier is steel in French.

I have not seen the other markings described on a gun or in my old Gun Digest article on French proofs.

March 23, 2007, 10:44 AM
ok thanks..im curious to know about the mark of the rooster or pheasant under the barrels..maybe some one will know

Jim Watson
March 23, 2007, 11:02 AM
Well, there is a Belgian steel company, Acier Cockerill; a cockerel is a rooster and they might use one in their trademark, although they also spell it out.

My old Verney Carron is marked Acier Diamante, diamond steel.

April 11, 2007, 11:40 AM

I have a French made 16 gauge side by side shotgun that has been in my family for years. It is in excellent condition. It has not been fired in my lifetime. I'm 43.

On the left side barrel it says: Fusil Robust Drevete S.G.D. G

The right side barrel reads: Manufacture Francaise D'armes et Cycles De St Etienne

The bottom says: No 10 Robust

Removing the forearm there is a number: 41737

Removing the barrel shows: Epreuve Officielle Superieure - stetienne 17 0

cal 16 demi-choke perfectionne

PT (with a crown over it)

dharge d epreuve fusil T:2:93-30

charge normale 7 (T?) :1.70-28

canon frette fabrication mecanidue

acier hercule

There are also symbols with MF on either side of the symbol.

I think the above words are correct, they are small and hard to see. I can take photos and post them on Yahoo! if that would help. Do you have any information on the gun like how much I can sell it for and if there is a dealer in my area? Southern Ocean county, New Jersey.

Thank you very much.

Wes Charles

Jim Watson
April 11, 2007, 12:07 PM
The Manufrance Robust was at one time a common inexpensive European shotgun. They sold a lot of them here pre-GCA 1968 for not a whole lot of money. They have not been imported for years, there are no dealers.

You will not get much money for it from a store operator. Best to advertise it for sale if that is legal where you are. If there is a Cowboy Action Shooting club in your area, that is the best market for a plain double barrel like that. Check for advertisements on Gunsamerica.com and closed auctions on Gunbroker.com and Auctionarms.com to see how prices go.