View Full Version : A+ For Mr. Joab!

March 16, 2007, 09:49 PM
About a month or two back I started a thread about wooden Taurus grips (wishing to replace the factory rubber). TFL member Joab volunteered to send me his wooden taurus j-frame grips, free of charge. You just don't see that much these days! Anyway, I received the grips, and they are just great. It was his hope that this could be a TFL tradition- a sort of pay it forward type of deal, where one man's "trash" becomes another's treasure...in this case Joab had some beautiful grips that he wasn't using and decided to donate them on. This is an amazing savings for me, because grips like these around my area are about sixty bucks.

In this tradition, the next time I see a thread about some item I'm not using anymore, I will send the item on free of charge.

Thanks, Joab!