View Full Version : -1 *ALERT* BEWARE OF LTM refinishing...

March 14, 2007, 06:50 AM
Sent this guy a pistol back on Dec 7th 12/07/06 - for a total refinish just got it back today 03/13/07 over three months.

He coated the slide in the wrong color, and it has what looks like tool marks on the left side of the slide (chips and nicks in the new coating).

I sent him a brand new stainless barrel he was just supposed to install when he completed the coating - but he decided to coat it instead and in the process he screwed up the head pin and now the barrel won't seat in the slide properly thereby rendering it useless for the time being hopefully I can get it fixed by a competent gunsmith.

He lost my trigger spring and while putting a new one in he scratched the new finish on the slide. So all in all I'm out $385.00 because he destroyed my new barrel which I paid $190.00 for and the $195.00 for the job which I could have done better with a can of Krylon paint - Sent it back looking like it's been kicking around in Forrest Gump's tool box for a year...

All this and it only took him three "F-ing" months...

March 17, 2007, 11:44 AM
Who is LTM? Did you contact him and explain your situation? I would recommend that you make a phone call and find out what happened.