View Full Version : "Hevi-Shot" and other heavier-than-lead loads

March 8, 2007, 05:05 PM
Bought some "Hevi-Shot" - thought that it was an arm of Federal, kind of like Fusion, but get home and look at the box and it appears that it's an independent company, no?

Also, I see that both Winchester (Extreme Range) and Remington (Wingmaster HD) have some of the high-dollar heavier-than-lead loads, but don't see any federal in Bass Pro - all I see is the "Mag-Shok" lead Federal - couldv'e sworn Fed had an offering in this stuff, too - maybe just hasn't been stocked yet?

March 8, 2007, 05:35 PM
Environmetal made it for Remington, but they had a parting of the ways. Now there are similar products made by other companies.