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March 7, 2007, 09:05 PM
For your reading pleasure....

NEF/H&R Excell Auto 5 shotgun, 12 ga, 22" turkey model ==> sweet shooter, super reliable, patterns great. Thumbs up. Turkeys are going to die, starting 1 month from yesterday.

Saiga 12 shotgun ==> Thumbs down. Had an issue of locking up with bolt open after last round in mag was fired (multiple times). Figured out that what was happening was the last-shot BHO lever worked too well - it pushed up the rear manual BHO button and corresponding/connected internal crescent-shaped piece of steel that pops up and keeps the bolt carrier from sliding forward....problem was that it pushed this unit up so violently that the rear bottom edge of the button that extends outside the receiver up into its slot, and the edge then popped through and inside, to the rear, and the sharp rear edge of it prevented the BHO return spring from pushing it back down through the slot. Solution: Easy; dremeled off the sharp rear bottom edge of manual BHO button when I got home; appears as though it will work fine now. But other Saiga-12 issue: Shoots too high, above point of aim - maybe 6-8 inches at 30 yards. Rear sight is non-adjustable. Front sight needs to come up, but doesn't look like it will - can't tell for sure - anyone know if the front sight is adjustable?

CZ452 Scout: Thumbs up (eventually). Dedicating this .22 to subsonic ammo. First it sucked gonads with CCI CB shorts & longs. Then acceptable with Eley ammo and Remington subsonic....BUT, liked the best (among what I had), the MagTech 40 gr subsonic lead HPs - nice 3/4" 5-shot groups at 50 yds; no fliers. P.S. It's hilarious shooting subsonics at a target - through the scope, you can actually see for a split-second the bullet in the air on its way to the target, and see it "dropping in" down to the target - hee hee.

I'll try to start posting these each time I go, if anyone finds useful....I've got about a half bazillion guns to shoot the next umpteen range trips, that I need to test....well, ok, about 8 or 9 guns I've never shot, plus quite a few new ammo-testing or sighting-in mini-projects for older guns, on the to-do list.

March 9, 2007, 11:18 AM
Thanks for sharing your RRR,

I have heard many good things about CZ 452 and 453's.