View Full Version : Scoundscape is a crook!

March 3, 2007, 09:07 AM
Hello everyone. This is my first post and unfortunatly it has to be about a scam by one of the members here. He goes by the name Soundcape. He ripped me off on an AK-47 mag trade. He did it over on AR-15.com but I wanted to post it here just so you know what kind of guy he is if he wants to do a trade. I think it is important to warn fellow gun lovers that there is a guy out there that does not share our moral code and doesn't deserve out respect or trust.

Here are the links to two other forums where some more info on his scamming ways can be found. I have been in contact with the mods over on both these forums and they are giving one last chance to contact them with some info or they are going to ban him.



There is a lot of stuff to read but the very short story is, we traded some AK mags and he never sent me anything. I sent him my mags and now he won't return them. I am "albanian" over on AR-15.com just so you know.

On another topic, I am glad I found this place as it looks like a good forum. I hope to hang around and look forward to meeting you guys.