View Full Version : Four-Inch Ported Taurus Fails Test

February 15, 2007, 05:54 AM
This is very informal. Actually the Taurus didn't fail anything, this is probably true of any ported revolver. I modestly reported a while back as how the two-inch Charter Pathfinder penetrated more using 130 grain ball than the three-inch S&W 60. Later I remembered that I had extrapolated and had used the Taurus 608 in the test instead. Yesterday I did my modest unstatistical one-round test, shooting at 10 half-gallon plastic milk cartons of water at about 5 yards. Previously the Charter's bullet had entered #10, dented the otherside and was recovered. The 608 had stopped in #9. The S&W yesterday cleared all 10 and the slug was not captured.
I had extrapolated because I thought the four-inch Taurus had three inches of real barrel to compare with the Smith. However apparently it does not or there is some rifling technicality beyond the scope of my tests. The Winchester "Walmart round" appears to be consistent in performance. Let me get out of here before I sound like John Taflin or somebody.