View Full Version : Looking for a little assistance . . .

February 3, 2007, 07:57 PM
Ok, here's the poop. My father passed away in November and left me a handful of firearms. 17 total: 5 side arms, 2 shotguns and 10 rifles (he lived in Montana). I have found user guides for the majority but I have some hard ones that I am now looking for. They are: INTERARMS Model 27, J STEVENS ARMS Model 58, J STEVENS Springfield Double Barrell 12-gage, and a SAVAGE .250 - 3000. Anyone out there have any ideas???? I also think I have some collectibles as well: Winchester Models 25, 54, & 70. Those are good ones to have around, right?? I am not a novice as I am prior military. I just wanted to know if there is still any documentation out there.

Thanks for listening,