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January 20, 2007, 11:10 AM
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January 27th & 28th : Appleseed Rifle Clinic - starts at 8:30am sharp!

Briefly, the Appleseed Rifle Clinics are put on by a non profit group called the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA). The shoots teach short and long range modern rifle shooting at simulated and actual distance. You can bring any modern rifle to shoot with , M1A's, AR's, SKS's, 10/22's are the most common. I have also seen many other semi-auto's and several bolt action rifles. The COF typically utilizes the Army Qualification Target (AQT). Shooters will fire standing or off-hand, sitting, and prone. Its not a contest that pits shooter against shooter, its a learning experience that challenges you to make YOURSELF a better shot.

New Rifle Shooters learn a strong foundation!

Old Hands learn some new tricks ans sharpen their skills!

Everyone learns a little about our Revolutionary War Heritage!

There is also a few minutes spent each day discussing the Rifle in Revolutionary War times and relating the Founding Fathers experience to present day gun ownership and responsabilities. The RWVA is strongly pro second ammendment, and see's a responsibility to educate shooters to hold a strong conviction for 2A and to give them some usefull premise that they can then take to spread the word to others in an educated fashion.

Instruction includes: The 6 steps to firing the shot, Positions, NPOA, The Riflemand Dance, using your breathing to adjust elevation, Zeroing, Turkey Neck, sling use, Talking Targets, and a bunch more!


Yourself and your shooting Buddies
Shooting Glasses and Hearing Protection (Ear Plugs AND Muffs)
AR's, AK's, 10/22's, M1A's, FAL's, Garands, Enfields, Moisin's, SKS's, Bolt Guns, Semi's - Whatever you GOT!


$45 for one day, $70 for two. (Two day Shooters get a FREE t-shirt!) Kids welcome! Under 20 and current Military shoot FREE!!
Sign up at the gate, or to secure your spot go to: RWVA.org (go to "2007 Event Calendar") Or link directly to the thread here.

Here is a synopsis of what an Appleseed is, lots of info here:


This Range can hold a lot of shooters and we intend to try and fill it up ! We need you guys to recruit heavy and encourage folks to come. It is a somewhat unique opportunity for a guy to bring his non-shooting family to an event where there is plenty for them to do beyond shooting. Also an excellent mini vacation by adding a monday and or a friday to hit one of the theme parks.

January 20, 2007, 09:17 PM
Guys, if you're in the area, and don't take advantage of this, you really need to examine you priorities!

70 and 400 rounds of ammo with some of the best instruction you could get in accurate "battle" fire, like the did in the great wars.

And so close to the big rodent, your family won't get upset with you taking the two days to yourself!

Consider the alternatives!


January 20, 2007, 09:28 PM
so 20 and under get in free? any restrictions on optics? like red dots and whatnot?

January 20, 2007, 11:07 PM
Yup, 20 and under are free....

Calibers: .22LR through 8mm Mauser

Sights: Iron, scope, optics

Sling: STRONGLY recommended

Any questions, just write mkh100 or [email protected]

Upcoming 2007 RWVA Appleseed schedule:


January 20, 2007, 11:52 PM
awsome. i might just make it.