View Full Version : National Bullet Co. Troubles

January 16, 2007, 01:36 AM
As I posted previously in the Reloading forum, I had a bad time with NB regarding an order placed in May. They billed my VISA the next day and as of a week ago, no bullets and constant stonewalling and flat out lying to my inquiries.
My fault for not complaining to VISA in the 60 day time frame, but I believe there is a distance limit anyway. ( I am on the east coast)

But last week, VISA credited me with the amount. $92.:D When I first called my credit card provider, the person on the phone didn't want to know anything because of the time elapsed. But I noticed in their web site rules, it said they may be able to help even after the time limit. And they did!

The thing to remember, don't be stupid like me and wait too long to complain. And WRITE if the phone person gives you the brush off.

As one shooter advised, I should have checked NB on the forum. Seems there are lots of complaints, and the Cleveland Better Business Bureau gave them an "Unsatisfactory" rating. Live and learn. Hope this saves someone some trouble.