View Full Version : Cheap 10mm in the Chicago 'burbs

January 12, 2007, 11:12 AM
I am reasonably certain I saw this when I picked up my shotgun yesterday, and I thought about cleaning him out and reposting it here to make a few bucks but it doesn't seem worth the effort.
Thin Blue Line in Wooddale, IL (N of Addison) has 50-boxes of CCI Blazer (don't quote me, I only glanced) on sale for $9 (again, IIRC) a pop since he wants to stop carrying 10mm. It's right by AlphaGraphics on Georgetown Square off of Irving Park Road, the store itself has no big sign so look for the shop door that is clearly pro-2A. John, the guy who runs it, is really a great guy, so I'd just be happy to see a new customer head his way. Definitely one of the nicest FFLs in the Chicagoland area. Number there is (630) 860-7807 if you want to check before you head over.