View Full Version : Rifleman (Instructor's)Boot Camp 2/18-25

January 9, 2007, 05:01 PM
Come join the RWVA at its home range in Ramseur as we hold the next RWVA Rifle Instructor's Camp - eight full days of concentrated shooting and instruction designed to both improve your shooting and give you the tools to teach others!

And it's only $200/person, with camping included!

We'll begin on Sunday morning, conduct a full two-day Appleseed course of fire, and then turn to issues we wish we could at every Appleseed event, including:

Full distance zeroing/practice at 200/300/400/500 yards
Concentrated pop-up/reactive target practice at ranges up to 500 yards
Target detection/counterdetection
Range estimation
Rapid-fire drills
Snap-fire drills
Sight pictures, stress management, and the Rifleman (also known as "Scoot & Shoot")

We'll end the course on Friday night - just in time for the newly-minted instructors to run the February Appleseed two-day riflery clinic beginning Saturday morning.

Don't miss it -- eight days of practical rifle fun like nowhere else in the nation!