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gordo b.
December 30, 2006, 08:41 PM
Any time spent with Louis Awerbuck is time well spent. A couple weeks ago 25 shootists spent friday,sat. and sun. with Yoda for CQB pistol training at the Modesto Ca. Sherrif's range. This is a brand new range it is a quantuum leap up from the facilities that we (the usual gang of suspects) been using in central Ca. training for the last 4 years as organized by Tommy Gong. The weather was perfect training weather with the first day staying at freezing and damp and windy most of the day. The next days alternated between cold rain,strong winds- and yes, sunshine!So the presentations were from under various garments -or not!
This course had prerequisites so moved at a goodly pace, for the most part. Everyone was very safe, with moi as the stooge with the most unsafe act. At the very end , after "putting it in the snot box" and 'right thru the temple' of the BG target with 5 layers of no shoots in 5 seconds, I started walking back to the line with the safed gun in my hand , pointing down but not holstered, call it 60 year old brain fart after 3 long stressful days. I got three steps before being shouted at by 24 guys! Louis conducts a very safe class and my classmates were very good!
Lots of 3 to 15 yard line drills with smooth presentation being stressed along with good hits. We did quite a bit of lateral and diagonal movement with speedloading on the move. Louis showed us the proper CQB presentation with the gun being fired at position 2 with the butt tucked to pectoral side and slightly rotated outward for slide clearence, funny this is what Scott Reitz teaches also! We did this enough that a week later, when surprised at night from a couple feet while patrolling my yard I reverted to training but my finger was stiff and straight because I hadn't identified my target (which turned out to be my RN son getting off work at 4am and trying to get in my locked house to check my wife's blood pressure [Eek!] )when he popped out of a bush right behind me!Good training is the ticket! [Big Grin]
The next day was more of the same, with quicker head shots on the move, malfunctions induced and guns with or without any ammo. Malfunction and weak handed transitions were gone over, and over. I was in good shape with my custom Colt Combat commander in the right G-Code holster and my S&W 1911PD Scandium Gunsite commander in the left G-Code holster! Yup, Louis thought that was the way to go! ;)I been practicing shooting left handed and can hit these close range targets pretty well! We started doing the drills on angled 3 dimensional Yavapai targets for more real world "deep meat" hits! Follow thru, follow thru, follow thru! [Cool] Then the dreaded layered movers!
We spent Sunday morning inside the classrooms, which was nice because it was raining, and learned gun and knife take aways. All were very simple wrist and elbow locks, but we paired up and saw the reality of what can and what cannot be done! Louis worked with each couple and we learned the basic techniques. If I learned one thing from this part of the class was to focus on the opponents middle knuckle of the weapon hand and own it and rotate from there against the joint. If I ever had to do it for real , I'd focus on that weapon retaining middle knuckle like the front sight on my gun!
Then the 'force on force' house. We used our own Airsofts for the most part , after being wanded and searched for weapons. Unfortuneately I was one of the first people to go. I , not being an active duty young officer [Embarrassed] want to do a search and destroy, not staying out until you see what may be behind the door. Well my partner kicked open the door from the left jam , and I sailed thru planing to go right with my back to wall to command the entire room to the left, only to be confronted by a maniac gibbering with a gun to his head. Obviously you can't reason with this and I drew a bead on his head until he turned gun on me-and I let him have it, as did my partner who had entered the room straight up the middle. The guy went down, well riddled, BUT Louis said we did it ALL wrong! [Embarrassed] We should have pushed open door and waited a bit to see what was happening, and in this case with the crazed suicide,taken cover outside. Others hads different experiences and went into 2nd room and had to talk down people sitting on their gun, or some had people shooting from the second room as soon as the door opened ! Tommy has it all on film from his perch above the open top!
I really enjoy Tommy Gong's training times. He usually sets up 2 a year for Louis and Scott Reitz in Central Ca. for weekends. Now that he did the Az. conference week last year, he has to outdo himself this spring and is planning on haveing Louis Awerbuck,Jim Cirillo and Sherrif Ken Cambell for shotgun, pistol, and carbine for a week this spring. What a treat ! I am allready dusting off the revolvers for Jim Cirillo portion! [Smile]

"Run the bolt, Gordon"