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December 28, 2006, 09:05 PM
In anticipation of the New Year (2007) I am advising all of you, neigh, INVITING you to the monthly Appleseed Riflery Mini-Clinic at Langhorne Rod and Gun.

Some of you have already been on the LRGC property, as part of TheRallyPoint gatherings. Some of you are anticipating coming for the AR-15.com Hometown NJ event.

Well, we brought the Appleseed Marksmanship clinic to PA with Fred and the RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association) .

Now, we bring you the return of monthly mini-shoots, for practice and camaraderie.

Every THIRD Saturday (Except April..we got a 'full' Appleseed that month at Wicen's farm) starting at 12:00 Noon and going till you're too tired or 5:00PM.
JANUARY FEBRUARY and MARCH (at least) are INDOOR events, on the 50ft range, with .22LR rifles of your choosing.

10/22, Mark II bolties, 512 pumps, win 51, etc etc etc. Even AR-15 with .22LR conversions are welcomed.

Considering the threads on .22 plinkers, and Jamie's upcoming .22 small bore shoot, this may be a great way to warm up!

The COF will be modified to the expertise of the shooters on the line, but will start with the "Classification AQT, V2":

Shoot from prone-unsupported on scaled targets for 100-400 yards, and see how far you should be accurate to. All rounds in less than 1" on that sim and that's how far you should be accurate.

We will then shoot 'positions'; 400 yard sim prone "slow fire", 300 yard prone after standing "sustained fire" (1 shot every 2 sec), 200 yard sitting or kneeling unsupported from standing "sustained fire", and 100 yard sim "Offhand" (sling permitted).

Various instruction on the "less than perfect" stages, some mid-course NPOA changes and mag/reload drills, and maybe some team events can be arranged.

.22LR is CHEAP, and the rain /snow/wind/cold doesn't come inside, so there is no excuse there for not bringing out the old plinker and tuning up the trigger finger!

$15.00 non-LRGC Members; $10.00 with LRGC ID. Proceeds after expenses go for further expansion of the resources (like swingers and poppers)

Hey, if you like it we can talk about memberships, or bringing similar programs closer to home!

(PS: If you want, bring your .22LR pistols/revolvers as well!)

AKA Pacer

LRGC is located at 215 Stoneyford Road in Holland PA.
Come N or So on I95 and exit at Newtown. Take Newtown Yardley road West to 532 (Buck Road) and turn Left. At the second light (Stoneyford road) turn left and pass the ball field. LRGC is on the left.