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gordo b.
December 18, 2006, 08:18 PM
I need, at 60 , a 1.75x grind to clear up the sights in a normal Weaver stance or carbines with irons . I used to use a 1.5x for the last 5 years and 1.25 for 50-55,Dr. Dean Adels reading glasses with the big wire frame and plastic lenses ,kept special for shooting, worked OK.
But recently I got a set of reverse bifocals (1.75 in upper quadrant ) that fit inside ESS ICE Eyeshield System glasses. These are the BOMB!!! I got a bifocal grind in both sides which lets me shift over to off side transitions using the eye behind the sights so there is no POI shift for weak hand shots.The company who makes these is:

Hansen's Eagle Eye
P.O. Box 1175
Meadow Vista Calif. 95722

Phone # is 1-866324-5374

Now this is not all they make. My shooting partner Dennis, needs a perscription AND bifocals and they do this, AND they do it in regular heavyduty glasses frames also.They have a few different styles of grinds for different shooting disciplines. If you have a vision related shooting problem give Richard Hansen at

[email protected]

a shout. This old guy is cool and does shooting glasses for major competitors and police for years. He came highly rated and deserves it! [Cool]