View Full Version : What type of sling for a Tac Shotgun ?

December 11, 2006, 05:45 PM
Hi guys
I want to mount a sling on my shotgun but Im confused as to which type:(
Can someone give me the merits of a one-point ,two-point and three-point sling .

I want something simple but secure .I think I should go For a one point sling but I dont even know what it is :o

Can Someone give me a description on the sling's out there and which one would be best for a tactical pump shotgun .

To make things even harder for ya'll ,I'm going to try to make it myself .Is this a good idea or should I just buy a ready made one ?

Thanks in advance guys :)

December 12, 2006, 02:43 AM
Sorry, was going to post but couldnt stop laughing!!!!!!!! TACTICAL

December 12, 2006, 06:30 AM
is what i recommend their really comfortable and you can kepp the gun in 3 diffrent positions comfortably its ll help stablalize your shooting platform and they fit you umbelievably

December 15, 2006, 10:53 AM
I made a convertible 2point to single point sling, very simple to make. I found the plans online. I bought the stuff and made his, I didn't like some attributes of it so I made my own design. I have pictures at home on my digital camera. Email me and I'll try to remember to bring the memory card monday to send them to you with a description. jturner at emsginc dot com

December 15, 2006, 11:06 AM
123kiwi: what is your problem with him using the word tactical?

When he said "tactical shotgun" did you think he was hunting geese? Or did you know exactly what he was talking about? Maybe if he had said combat shotgun you would give that your "KIWI Seal of Approved phrases"? Or perhaps it should have read "Can Someone give me a description on the sling's out there and which one would be best for a [shotgun with an 18" barrel, that isn't really suited for hunting, but more for moving around a confined area and shooting at large close targets] pump shotgun .

Maybe you should grow up a bit before you start posting on a gun site.

I realize that with all the mall ninjas around it's gets a little bland with tactical knives used to cut open tactical boxes, and tactical vests used to carry your tactical pocket lint, and tactical flashlights used to find the tactical breaker box when the light tactically go out, but you had nothing useful in your post. I haven't been on this board very long, but it seems to me that people come here for three reasons, to ask for help, to help others, and to talk guns. You were simply posting to see your screen name on the monitor.

December 15, 2006, 11:06 AM
For a semi-auto, I like any decent nylon-web sling, mounted in whatever way floats your boat. Not a big fan of single point as “dropping” a heavy shotgun to transition seems like a good way to damage the family jewels.
For a pump gun, I do not like the soft, floppy, web slings as they will get in my way at the wrong time. For my pump-guns I like a heavy leather sling that stays out of my way.

Zak Smith
December 15, 2006, 11:57 AM
Shotgun slings. Most of these are the 3-point type.

http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/smaller/B100_1449_img.jpg (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1449_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1449_img.jpg)
http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/smaller/B100_1486_img.jpg (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1486_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1486_img.jpg)
http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/smaller/B100_1777_img.jpg (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1777_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1777_img.jpg)
http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/smaller/B100_1782_img.jpg (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1782_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigod.org/~zak/DigiCam/SLINGS/?small=B100_1782_img.jpg)

December 15, 2006, 10:05 PM
djturnz, im hearing you mate, valid points, i was laughing about the comment he made about wanting a single point even though he didnt know what it is...my fault, i found that humourous. But youre right, i should have said something like a lot of people are of the opinion a sling doesnt have a place on a tactical shotgun because it increases the chance of it snagging on something at the wrong time...also i suppose shotguns should be carried not slung over your back if were talking in a tactical sense?

ps sorry about the laughing

TJ Freak
December 15, 2006, 11:39 PM
I never had a sling on a rifle or shotgun until I moved to WA State. I do have a sling on my hunting rifles now. My shotgun sits by my bedside with a 10 rnd tube. It is a Rem. 870 Express. If you are hunting with a shotgun, or need it for self defense. Toss the sling. If you are not doing house to house overseas. I believe a sling is useless on a shotgun.

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