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December 4, 2006, 07:41 PM
Had an absolutely horrible experience with this firm, wondering if others had as well?

I ordered a stock and foreend for an Ithaca NID 16GA, the gentleman at GAGS told me I didn't have to send him my gun or its stock just give him the serial number and he could make one, which I did. I asked him tosendf it to me at 90 % as I was going to have my gunsmith do the final fitting as I was also having the metal redone. I also ordered tung oil, a recoil pad and a grip cap. When I recieved the package three weeks later I noticed that the forend was not correct and there was no tung oil or grip cap---although I was charged for them. I called and spoke to a man named Henry who stated that he was "65 years old" and that "these things happen." He did offer to remake a forend if I sent him the original (which I wanted to do in the first place) and he would also send the oil and grip cap. I agreed. 4 weeks later the package returned, the forend was correct but no Tung oil or grip cap again. I called back and spoke to Henry who stated that "I am 65 years old you know,I get forgetful." Henry stated that it would be easiest to just refund my money for theoil and cap, I agreed as I believed it would be easier as well. Prior to takingthe stock and gun to my gunsmith he asked me to whittle down the stock some and offered to reduce the price a bit for this laber. I did rough out the basic shape I wanted and then I took the stock and my gun to him. As we removed the original stock we noticed that the cut outs for the new GAGS were not even close to the original stock. I was really pissed as I had already been delayed by 4 weeks due to the forend and also the 1 week I put into the stock. I also never had my card credited for the amount of the Tung Oil and Grip Cap. When I called Henry back he stated that he would like me to send him the original stock so he could make another (this was in September). I reminded Henry that I offered to do this initially toavoid these problems but that he had assured me all he needed was the serial number, heonce again responded that "I'm 65 and these stocks can be tricky." I wexplained that at this point all I wanted was my money back and that I would send the Stock and Forend back for a refund as GAGS have a 100% Guarantee for customer satisfaction. I also reminded him of the oil and grip cap that he never refunded me. He agreed. Three weeks later I noticed a credit of $96.00 on my card, I called Henry and asked where the other $270 was, Henry stated that the stock was "mutilated" and could not be used for another shotgun so he would not credit the whole amount. I replied that A) I didn't mutilate the stock, it was rather well formed and B) the stock didn't fit an Ithaca NID anyway so that he had mutilated it in the first place. Henry then hung up on me. I was pissed! I called back and was putonhold for 10 minutes before Henry cameback to the line and recieved some choice words from me. He responded again that "I'm 65 years old." I suggested that he may have to retire. As to my inquiry about his 100% satisfaction Guarantee and his sense of morals Henry had nothing to say. After going back and forth with this guy for 15 minutes or so he stated that he would "think about it" and get back to me. He also admitted that he had lost all of my paperwork previously and that's why it took so long to credit me the $96.00. I assuredHenry that I was a very loyal customer who, if treated well, made every effort to send business to people but that the inverse was also true. Ithas been 4 weeks since I last heard from Henry, I've not recieved anymore refund and have left him 2 messages without a call back.

I'm unsure if this is typical of GREAT AMERICAN GUNSTOCKS or not, but I strongly caution anyone from doing business with someone with principles more closely rooted to larceny than craftsmanship.

November 11, 2008, 02:32 PM
Just today I got ripped off by Henry Pohl of Great American Gunstock Co.

I ordered a stock in the second highest grade of English Walnut for a pre-64 Model 70 action and paid $600 for it - I really wanted it to look nice.

After I ordered it and saw my credit card get hit I came across a bunch of posts about bad products and service from Henry Pohl/GAG. I was so relieved when I got a pretty piece of wood that I went on line to counter some of the negative stuff I'd read.

I didn't care that the stock was rougher than a cob - I figured that was all part of the do it yourself thing. I spent two days with files and sandpaper getting the shaper gouges out of it - I had to reform the nose of the cheek piece because it had been chewed up pretty good in the shaping process - still, I was OK with that. The right side of the butt was a lot fatter than the left - sand away.

Then I went to try to inlet the action - bad news - the inletting screw holes were so far off center I couldn't possibly get a good metal to wood fit. I had to bore out and plug the existing holes and may have to pillar bed the action. Worst of all, before I realized the action holes were off, I shaved wood off and may have taken too much to get a decent fit with the correctly repositioned holes - so I may have to glass-bed the action. That's not such a bad thing for accuracy but it's like putting mag wheels on a Bentley - not appropriate on a classic.

I waited three months for the stock - a month longer than promised, had two plus days in cleaning it up and I ordered it with custom features which make it non-returnable - so I wouldn't and couldn't return it. I wrote Henry and told him I wanted a partial refund. His answer was this - exactly as he wrote me:

"However, even if the hole is a little miscut, the stock was sent with the opinion that regardless of what minor blems their might be found in it it was nonetheless worth the asking price. I regret that you don't feel this way, but I honestly think your judgement is somewhat severely and unfairly negative. Where else can you get a gunstock that nice for such a low price?"

Horse-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-. That's a polite version of "Screw you, live with it."

Henry Pohl, proprietor of Great American Gunstock Co, talks a good game up front, but as you can see, his work is shoddy, and he has absolutely no honor when it comes to addressing flaws.

If you are leery of my motives, check out all the comments on ripoffreport.com


December 7, 2008, 08:29 PM
great american has had my shotgun for about 15 months. H.P. has assured me that it will be a little longer--the fire you know. do you think i will ever get it back?

December 29, 2008, 08:48 PM
GAGS an Henry are back in business.....beware!

January 5, 2009, 10:48 AM

January 8, 2009, 06:53 PM
I had a stock done by him acouple years ago sent the whole barreled action to be fitted. I think I paid about $600.00 for it not nearly as nice as I was told I was going to get, and it has a freaking knot hole in it! Plus I kept getting the run around on it too. I would not recommmend them for any work.
I feel for you.

May 20, 2009, 03:33 PM
Message deleted by staff.

Poster isn't a customer, he's an employee of GAGS.

Nice try, but we don't do sock puppets here.

Shane Tuttle
May 20, 2009, 05:19 PM
Now you can insult me *as i know a lot of the childish ones will* but you cant deny that most of the complaints here are because of unreasonable expectations.

Since nobody but the buyer and seller truly knows the full story on most complaints, your statement bears no weight on facts.

The OP stated his/her case long ago. Great American Gun Stocks has not provided their case yet and being the age of this thread they won't either for this specific complaint.

If anyone else has experiences with this company good or bad, start up your own thread. If you are not a representative of said company or originating plaintiff, then refrain from posting.

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