View Full Version : Legacy Sports ESCORT Semi-Autos

December 3, 2006, 02:01 PM
Anyone got any info on, or can point to any reviews on , the ESCORT semi-auto shotguns? For $399.00 you get a semi-auto, hard chromed bore, black chromed barrel, 3/8" milled rib in the receiver to mount sights on etc. Was elected Guns and Ammo gun of the year a while back. Pleaswe don't simply say they are bad because they are made in Turkey. It doesn't matter where they are made, but rather, how they are made. The advanced solialist system in Italy cause the mfg cost to be higher...ie...$1,000 for a Benelli.

December 4, 2006, 04:30 PM
I don't know; can't help you on the Escort. But I can tell you that I once considered getting one, but opted instead for a similarly-priced product (might be the exact same shotgun with different hame - I dunno). What I got (have now) was an NEF Excel Auto-5, also Turkish made, for $351 plus tax, and that was full camo job, 12 ga 3.0 & 2.75", vent rib, detachable rear fiber optic sight, Front fiber optic sight. Very light, runs perfectly. You might consider this as one alternative.


December 13, 2006, 01:14 PM
I read a recent article on the EXCELL and it was a good review. Turns out the ESCORT is a fine shotgun but their support function is not very good. You can't even order spare barrels etc. Think I will get the Charles Daly semi since their support is excellent and can order whatever you need in the way of accessories and parts right on line. Also they have the barrel length I want. I'd love to have a cammo finish but I have heard in the industry that the guns are dipped but not sealed which makes for a fragile finish. This guy posted that he paid over 1,000 for a benelli with a cammo finish and if you rubbed your finger nail on the finish it would scratch! The finish was not sealed in the interest of keeping the cost down. I thought the camo finishes were a carbon fiber process which would make them last forever but evidently they are not??? By the way, the article on the EXCELL was in the August 2006 issue o shooting times.