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November 24, 2006, 11:56 PM
Can anyone explain to me why two shotguns manufactured within minutes of each other will preform so differently? On the surface it seems counter-intuitive. A shotgun barrel is realy no more than a pipe while a rifle barrel is a finely machined pipe. You would think that there would be more variance with a more complex manufacturing process as opposed to making a pipe.

But as it stands, I could ask the members here what ammo works best in a Rem 700 and what worked good for most would likely work best for mine. However with a shotgun, what works best for one may be terrible in 5 other identical guns, each of them having a its own preference on ammo.

Furthermore, why would the varince carry over to rifled shotgun barrels? Two barrels, made from the same lot of steel, forged on the same machine, back-to-back could shoot very differently.

The shotgun and the concept of interchangeable parts has been around long enough that identical shotguns should shoot much more identicaly than they do.

I just don't get it!

Dave McC
November 25, 2006, 09:11 AM
There's no answer.

The late Stan Baker wrote in Shotgun Sports Magazine that he had built two identical barrels for BT 100s. These were alike in all dimensions down to .001".

Patterning revealed that one did about 5% better with a certain trap load of 7 1/2s. If 8s were used,same brand and load, the other patterned 5% tighter. Both loads were up near 80% at 40 yards.

This is why patterning is so important.

November 25, 2006, 11:32 AM
Are we to assume you are talking about rifled s.g. barrels with slug ammo?
If so please define 'accuracy'?
A lot of deer hunters sally forth every fall to slay bambi with a smmothie and foster slugs and pronounce the s.g. 'accurate' if they can keep 3 shots inside a picnic paper plate at 50 yards.
Still others think they can load up a rifled s.g. with glittering new high velocity Hornady SST ammo and slay said critters at 200 yards.
They can't of course, they merely believe it.
Very ,very few s.g. hunters acutally shoot teh expensive (3 bucks a shot) ammo at 200 yards.
Too bad 'cause they would see how many shots will completely miss a 2 FOOT square target at 200.

If you are indeed speaking of accuracy in a rifled s.g. barrel and har having trouble achieving 1" groups at 100 yards you can likely look at the ammo NOT the guns.
For many legitimate reasons these super sabots ain't all that super.
My best results have come from my cheapo Express in 12 bore with home loaded Hammerhead nondiscarding sabot bullets.
I sight in at 75 and my average best groups will ring a ragged hole for 5 shots.
Also in the running are the Federal "old foashioned" BRI sabot slug in the standard 2 3/4" persuasion.
My last 6 shot groug at 75 ran a dead even 1" c to c.
So do you want more from a shotgun than one ragged hole for 5 shots at 75 or 1" c to c at 75 for 6 shots?
By the way my Hammerheads are a "load at home" only deal. You can't buy loaed hammerheads but you can by Buckhammers by Remington or a very, very simlar slug from Hastings.
My best acurracy with a full bore .730 bullet was only 2" at 50 but the 880 grain heat treated bullet did kick a mite.
I don't recommend the 880s to anyone. Ever!