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November 21, 2006, 03:59 PM
1. Browning Gold

2. Browning Silver

3. Winchester SX2

4. Rem 1187

5. Stoeger (the Benelli copy)

6. Beretta 3901

Compare/Contrast relative pros & cons. Which one is the best/best value for *my* purposes? I'm wanting a nice-looking wood/blued 20 ga. 3" capable, 26" bbl, semi-auto, for social hunting for upland birdies, particularly quail & pheasant, but also doves. Consider such things as looks, recoil absorption, cycling reliability with all types of loads from lightest to heaviest among the 2.75", cycling speed, pattening ability (backboring size/quality), features such as sights, etc., overall quality, and relative price. Before you ask, reason I want 3" capable is it may have to double as turkey gun if I take a buddy turkey hunting who doesn't have a shotgun. So the level of reliability among 3" loads doesn't matter, because that won't ever be needed (1 shot for turks) but cycling with heavy 2.75"ers for pheasant down to light 2.75s for quail does matter.

I'm leaning towards Browning Gold or Rem 1187. Does the Stoeger even come in 20 ga, or 12 ga only? Is the inertia system of the Stoeger ever really a problem in a situation where the gun is "limp-shouldered"; IOW in reality, would this ever happen to such a degree as to cause non-cycling? I hear they are supposedly *more* reliable than a gas gun, but then again, if you "limp-shoulder" they are less reliable. So how "limp" would the limp-shoulder have to really be to cause a problem?

Can't really justify Benelli or Beretta 391 prices (as opposed to 3901)

P.S. Also want interchangeable chokes.

P.P.S. Is the Rem 105Ci model worth the extra small buttload of cash? It's the only one among really high-dollar stuff that seems it may be worth it for the features.

November 21, 2006, 06:36 PM
The Benelli site has some pretty interesting stuff on the inertia system - it actually needs to move some for the system to work - it'll malf if fired with the butt against a tree for example.

Which is why their military model is actually gas operated - hang enough tactical gee gaws off the thing and recoil is damped to the point it becomes less reliable than gas op.

So, no need to stress - you need a degree of "limp shoulder".

Can't help you with the rest. I'm semi-auto challenged.

November 22, 2006, 07:50 AM
Skip the 11-87, it is overpriced by a few hundred dollars.

Buy a Gold, X2 or a 3901. Take the one that feels best as all three are great guns.

November 22, 2006, 11:39 AM
I use a Browning Gold Superlite FLD Hunter for the exact puposes you described and I love it! It's perfect in every way including, but not limited to, LOP, fit and finish, size, recoil, durability, reliability. I picked mine up last year for $700.00