View Full Version : Helice Shooting Advice

November 14, 2006, 09:08 AM
Hi Guys,

I'm shooting my first Helice match tomorrow. It's nothing "official", it's just a club match.
I know the shell that should be used is 12ga. 36gr. loaded with #7-1/2 shot.
As I told you before, I live in Brazil, so the rules need to be less rigid due to our lack of any shooting suplies and limited avalability of material.

That said, it's allowed to use #5 shot (just because it's readily available for duck hunting).

My question is, using 36gr. shells, wich one would be better, #5 or #7-1/5 shot ?

Another one, wich chokes should I use ?

Any other advices ?

Thanks in advance,

Andre Tiba - Brazil

Jeff Mulliken
November 15, 2006, 09:02 AM
Use the 7 1/2. Use the tightest choke you are comfortable with.

If your an accomplished shot use a full choke. If your not a Mod will give you a bigger pattern but you may not hit some hard enough to "kill".

You have to hit them fast and HARD to separate the cap and wings within the circle.