View Full Version : Good 20ga. options for defense

November 11, 2006, 11:22 AM
I have a lady frind that wants a 20ga. becasue she says the 12 has too much kick. What should I suggest to her?

November 11, 2006, 12:23 PM
I opted for a Remington 870 " turkey gun" in 20 gauge for my wife. It comes with a 20" barrel and synthetic stock. I added a 7 round magazine extension tube and and got rid of the "J" safety with an aftermarket large head safety. It's one of our favorite guns now.

One note, to add the mag extension. The 20 gauge does NOT have those troublesome "dimples" that the 12 does. You just screw on the new one and your done.

November 11, 2006, 11:47 PM
20's are good for anyone for the lowered recoil. Leroy Thompson wrote a great article on the fighting 20 gauge past and present a few years ago. Here are some classic defensive 20 gauges:

Ithaca Auto & Burglar

I believe a Remington M 17
Remmy Model 11's, the Winny is in 10 guage

For pumps today you have Rem., Moss., Win., and Ithaca. An 11-87 would be a great choice as auto further dampens recoil, and on that note, have to bring up the Saiga 20. 8 round mags. Even with the ugly fixed stock this is a devastating defensive weapon. Then there are the SxS coachguns, hammered and non-, cool guns but far too low capacity and slow to reload. I'd say a Saiga, but an 11-87 would offer a little more class and smoothness. Bonnie Parker loved her Remington 20 ga. auto, there's one female endorsement.

Build it up with 7 rd. Extension like BoltWorks did, Ghost rings, synthetic stock, etc. similar to the Wilson/SGT K-9. But it's pretty hard to argue against a 8 round shotgun magazine (which go for over a hundered, the only downside). If a pump is called for, an 870 or Persuader/Cruiser (whichever is the stocked version). I don't know much about autos other than 12's, I know you need a higher power load to cycle reliably, but the system soaks up recoil better than anything. Of coarse, a auto will never be as reliable as a pump.
Also she could look into Vang Comp barrels, maybe that would let her handle a 12 even, but would make a small 20 ga. suitable for a small child, bring it down to .410 comfort.
I hope she enjoys it, I love the 20 gauge for defense. #3 buck is great stuff.

one more pic, a fixed stock/with PG Saiga. I like the original folding stock, but like I said, even the version with the one peice buttstock is awesome for horrific capabilities.

November 11, 2006, 11:49 PM
the only thing about the 20 gauge is its hard to get the larger buck shot sizes (i beleive anything below #2 buck is hard if not impossible to get factory, but i could be wrong) that coupled with the fact that yes it may kick less in the same weight gun as a 12 gauge, but most 20 gauges weigh less than the 12 gauge so that negates the lighter recoil, since its in a lighter gun.