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November 7, 2006, 11:31 PM
Does anyone have any experience or opinions about using an 1187sp as a HD/Patrol SG. What (if any) modifications or accessories should I be considering? Right now the gun has a 21in bbl, wood stocks, and rifle sights.

November 12, 2006, 11:48 PM

November 13, 2006, 12:43 AM
There's really nothing that needs to be changed. Just make sure it runs well with your load of choice.
If you felt like you could put a magazine extension on it. You could add a side saddle. You could get a shorter barrel. You could get synthetic stocks. No add-ons are nessesary. Just go shoot it.

November 13, 2006, 01:19 AM
Check out the Wilson/Scattergun Tech K-9 model if you want something really designed for gunfighting. I don't mean nessesarily to send yours in to get it converted, but create your own (that said, the action work is supposed to be incredible, as in they cycle faster than a Benelli)version with: Track Lock Ghost Rings (MMC might be easier) front post with tritium, extended mag, cut to 18", special metal-backed side saddle, synthetic stock, buttpad undercut for quick shouldering, flourescent green mag tube follower, enormous cocking handle and jumbo head safety, parkerized, 3 way sling (front attachment point industrial strength, no puny swivels here),...I'm forgetting a lot more. I agree with mgdavis, but know how it is when you just have to tweak with something. That is my favorite auto shotgun though (along with Saiga 12 Folder) the K-9 of above description. All in all it is the Ed Brown, Les Baer of Shotguns and doesn't cost any more than a stock .308 battle rifle. I love that shotgun. I listed off some features if you want to accessorize, but I have to say, not being into custom work at all, I hope to get one someday, and this action/reliability job makes a world of difference; an 11-87 is great, imagine having it improved functionally even more. I think they still will perform the job on customer supplied shotgun, but not sure. From what I have read this is money well spent.

And maybe a Patternmaster choke also would make a nice add-on, super tight groups at long distances.

Just sopme thoughts. But I love the idea of wood on your HD/Duty gun. Nice, old school flair. I'd say definately add an extended mag, but after that youre good to go. I just brought up the K-9 stuff because it's such an awesome weapon, like a Ed Brown 1911 that started as a Springfield Mil-Spec. The best in the world can be had at somewhat affordable prices as far as an auto combat shotgun. Same cannot be said of a pistol or rifle. So there's that appeal to it. It's just a great package, an old American Survival Guide article on it showed the author holding it sideways above his shoulder level, and not only did it function in such a odd position, he had something like 5 hulls in the air at once. That's a shotgun I'd be proud to have protect my home and family.
Best of luck with your baby whatever you do with her.
Just something to keep in mind if you ever want to have some custom work done. I remember a huge chunk of the price was gone if you supply your own Remmy. They have to be in exc. condition, however.
Might as well have your first line of defense be the Cadillac in your collection


November 13, 2006, 09:31 AM
Thanks for the input! I checked the Wilson website and didn't see anything but 870's, although I assume they would work on an 1187 as well. Are there any other companies that might do 1187 custom work?

November 13, 2006, 01:44 PM
If you just want to tinker with your shotgun, you can do anything under the sun to it.:confused: But truthfully nothing needs to be done. Your gun will serve just fine as is. The only time I personally know about a shotgun fight, the 2 officers fired 10 rounds at a cop killer in an apartment. The perp recieved one 00 buckshot pellet in the leg before quitting. Final results were one cop killer served 10 yrs for murder 2, one cop dead, and 2 officers scared out of their wits by a bad gunfight. The moral of the story is that all of the gadgets in the world won't put a man down in an emergency. Training, training, practice, practice,practice. sight picture, sight alignment, squeeze,- until it is an unconscious reflex. Then you can worry about sighting gadgets, handles, mag extensions, side saddles and all of the other junk out there. My personal patrol shotgun was (and is) a Winchester 1897 with a 21" BBL. the gun was designed as a trench warfare gun and it is just fine the way it is. (no bayonet though):D
If your department doesn't offer the training, you may have to do it yourself. If so there are plenty of people who can advise you. Just remember, a gun will get you into trouble 10 times faster than it will get you out of trouble.:)