View Full Version : NC Ordnance Classic Grips

November 4, 2006, 10:23 AM
I have ordered two pairs of grips from this seller. Theses are synthetic ivory. The first pair looked like the mold had air bubbles are something in it. I tried some light sanding which remedied that problem. However I huess I should have checked the fit first. These things were not even a close fit.

He had said he was expecting new molds for the other pair of grips I had ordered. The finish was better this time no air bubbles. However I think the Quality Control needs a little work. I had to do some minor sanding on the bottom of the grips for fitting but sith SAA pistol types this is pretty much par for the course. Just took me a few minutes with a sander.

1. I had to drill out the grip screw hole as material was left in there obstructing the screw.

2. The grip screw is short :eek:

I e-mailed him about the grip screw and we will see what happens.

I dont think he is going to get any more business from me.