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October 23, 2006, 11:57 AM
Hi All,

I recently purchased a JC Higgins - Sears Model 583.991 22 Caliber Revolver. This is the nine shot model and I believe it was made by High Standard.

When I received it, the ejector had no return and naturally it would stay out when ejecting the spent shells.

I assumed the ejector return spring was missing. I found Numrich Arms had a listing for a Model 90 JC Higgins which is what I believe this revolver to be after looking at the listings at highstandardinfo.com.

From the diagram, I ordered return springs, pins, ejector rod, washer, ring, etc. Upon receipt, none of these items would fit and allow the ejector rod parts to go back together properly to allow a fit in the revolver.

HELP !!!! Did they make some of these revolvers without ejector rod return springs or what the heck am I doing wrong?

Mike - FL

October 23, 2006, 08:17 PM
Thanks to all who replied !!

John Stimson helped me figure it out and more. Bottom Line, as was mentioned, my particular model did not come with the ejector return spring and was a manual ejector return only.

Info as follows from John:

The early High Standard revolvers were not manufactured with ejector return springs. Numrich drawings and parts lists can easily mislead you since thy present only a few of the many different versions. I have more High Standard manuals on my website than Numerich has and my collection includes original Sears manuals.

I have not completely cracked the code as to which models aere which. The 583.991 is the Sears identification. The 583 indicates that High Stadnard was the suppplier to Sears and the 991 indicates the model and its variation.

After seeing your serial#, it shipped as a catalog number 129 (which is the Sears catalog number even though I believe that there was a traditional High Standard assigned.) It shipped with key serial number 603,900 on 3/9/1960. Note the key serial number gun was a catalog number 2232 the Sears model 80(Dura-Matic) and it's contemporaties were July 1957 guns. This is a good example of guns remaining in inventory for a long time which is one reason why the serial number vs date shipped charts need disclaimers.

The spring return ejector was introduced in 1961.

John Stimson