View Full Version : Utah get-together and machine gun shoot Oct 27-28

October 20, 2006, 06:15 PM
There is a get-together (originally put together on AR15.com) out at the bowl west of Utah Lake. People will be out there Friday and Saturday. Some of us will be camping out.

We will be bringing about a dozen machine guns, suppressed weapons, SBRs and SBS items. Bring your money. We'll have an ammo truck there to sell ammo.

We just got word that we will have a certified H&K Instructor that will be coming out and giving a FREE MP-5 introduction clinic Saturday morning. It will cover the design and function of the gun as well as how to shoot it. (we will bring a few MP5s)

PvtPyle will be doing the same thing for the 7.62X54R belt fed guns that afternoon.

Here is the initial thread from ar15.com, it has all of the details about the bowl, where it is, and so forth.

See you there.