View Full Version : winchest model 370/37 disassemble/assemble

October 20, 2006, 01:14 AM
i would greatly appreciate any help you can give me, i am referbishing my sons old 410. and would like to tare down the receiver in order to clean up the surface rust and prepare it for reblueing.

thank you.

October 20, 2006, 11:56 AM
What exactly do you mean by refurbishing it? If you are only cleaning it up and getting it ready for the field, I would tell you to use Gun Scrubber or brake cleaner and spray it down well and let it dry and then use some gun oil and place it in between where the hammer pin is. Nothing else should need oil on it.

If you take the gun apart, you will have to use a slave pin to get the parts to go back together and put them back in the gun once you have it out. I wouldn't advise this to just any one because it can be tricky to get back together correctly and only suggest it if you plan to do a rebluing job on the gun. You might be able to clean up the rust using Breakfree and steel wool. I might suggest this before you remove any of the serrated pins from the frame.

If you need further help on breaking it down, just tell me what you are wanting to do with it and I should be able to help you.

October 20, 2006, 02:13 PM
thank you cntryboy1289 for your rapid response to my request. i would like to remove the trigger grp, and hammer. so i can have the receiver soaked in hot blue solution. i am sure the springs and such , are heavly coated with oil or even grease. just want to prep the receiver to keep the gunsmiths coast down.

thanks again for your response.


October 20, 2006, 02:45 PM
Brake Cleaner with completely degrease the insides. I'd wipe EVERYTHING down with a very light coat of oil after degreasing it.

October 20, 2006, 06:02 PM
You will need to remove the pins that hold the everything together, take note and go slow so youcan see their relationship as you go. I start with the hammer pin first myself. This way you can see how everything below that should be in the gun. The next pin is the pin that will have to have a slave pin to be put back in your gun most likely and then the last pin. Drive them out left to right, they should be serrated on the end and you need to make sure that when you put them back in you line them up on the right side and drive them in right to left.

You might check out greybeards.com and look at their instructions for doing a handi rifle if you get stuck. They are not the same, but are very similar and should help you if you get stuck.

Once you have everything out and degreased, Polish it all up including the heads of the pins, then degrease everything and drop them in your cleaning tank to make sure you have all the crud and oil out of the frame.

You should be able to figure out the fore end, but if not simply pull it away if it is spring loaded like I remember it, check for a screw just in case. This isn't a simple job like on most guns, it can be vey tricky at times getting everything back together. Measure the distance between the parts and cut a piece of steel rod or plastic rod that fits the holes. I wish you the best, but just know you may need help getting it all back together.