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October 3, 2006, 03:40 AM
If I saw 1 1/4"'s off my black plastic factory Rem. 870 stock will there be enough material left to attach the recoil pad screws? Will I be able to mount a sling holding screw? Thanks

October 3, 2006, 02:08 PM
Cutting plastic stocks is VERY "iffy", and mounting a sling swivel difficult due to the hollow stock, and the lack of a good anchor point for the swivel.

The hollow stock makes re-drilling holes for the butt pad screws chancy since there may not be enough material left to hold the screws.

Since the factory swivel is actually molded in place it holds.
The stock is really too thin to hold a standard stud, so the only thing you can do is use a stud which has an internal nut to hold it.

What I'd recommend is just buying a short stock, and selling the one you have to help fund the new one.

Special shorter stocks are sold by Speedfeed, (who makes Remington's synthetic stocks) by Hogue, and several others.
These are sold as "youth" stocks and as Tactical stocks for use with body armor.
In either case, they're just standard stocks with a shorter pull.

NOTE: Speedfeed is a BRAND name. The make many stocks, SOME of which have an internal magazine for extra shells. Not all of them do.

The Hogue Over-molded stocks:

The Speedfeed/Remington stocks:

October 3, 2006, 09:19 PM
The quick answer is yes you can, but that is only a small part of the answer. The hard part is fitting the pad to the stock once you cut it. The pad IS the structural part in the rear of the factory stock. Pull the stock pad off, look at how it fits into the stock and how it supports the thin stock body.

When you cut the stock the opening for the pad to recess into will get smaller in every dimension. It needs to closely fit the stock to provide the support the stock walls need. No more than an eighth of an inch of clearance anywhere, and less than a sixteenth would be better.

The pad screws are also going to need relocating toward the center of the pad or shortened. Make a pencil mark along the stock where the screws are now, make that mark 2" long or until it moves off the stock. Now make a mark where you would like to cut the stock. This makes it pretty obvious where the problem comes in.

Basically it is a LOT of work if you do it yourself.

1 1/4" is a TON of length to take off the stock. Is there a special circumstance that dictates that much needs to be taken off?

October 4, 2006, 01:50 AM
I wanted to keep the stock short because for winter use I wear a heavy jacket and I want to put a LimbSaver on it. I have a short Hogue on my other 870 and do not like the way the grip area is shaped. I did not think I could sell just the stock and I have enough misc. parts.
It sounds like I will not be able to do this. Thanks for the help.