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October 2, 2006, 09:52 AM
So I am about to start my first project gun, I have a bansner adl stock and a model 700 7mm08 barrel on it's way; now I need to find an action, will only a model 700 action work or can I also use a model 7 action and screw the barrel on?

Harry Bonar
October 2, 2006, 05:44 PM
Dear Sir:
I'm not sure if the threads are the same although I've rebarreled a mod 7!
I'd need to check - but that's not my cpncern - there is more to it than "screwing it on" - the headspace probably will need adjustment and checked with "go" - "no-go; guages. Be sure that's done.
Harry Bonar

T. O'Heir
October 3, 2006, 12:19 AM
"...a model 700 7mm08 barrel on it's way..." Why buy the barrel first? Just curious. You really need a Model 700 action to cut down the barrel installation costs.
If you're planning on installing the barrel yourself, you need a barrel vise, action wrench plus the headspace guages Harry mentions. All of these tools will cost a bundle. Like he says, there's far more to installing a barrel than just screwing it on.

October 3, 2006, 04:22 AM
I found a good deal on a ss take off barrel, so I grbbed it. I know there is more than just " screwing" on the barrel, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't cost me an arm and leg to do so.

October 3, 2006, 02:03 PM
The worst case would be that this barrel would headspace too large or too small in your particular action. These conditions would require either that the barrel be set back on a lathe or, in the second case, your chamber be reamed longer. The Brownells shop survey puts the installation of a pre-chambered and pre-threaded barrel currently in the $75-$150 fee range. It depends on your area. Setting the barrel back just a few thousandths or extending the chamber by reaming it a little will likely add to this by an hour's time plus reamer rental or ammortization cost. If your area is on the high end of the price range, you can buy the tools and rent the reamer and headspace gauges to do the job yourself for about the cost of having it done. You won't save anything and you will have an inexperienced gunsmith doing the job, but you will then have the tools for the next gun. However, if you need to set the barrel back, you will need a lathe, and that tool won't fall into the shop price range.