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October 2, 2006, 01:31 AM
I've just made a purchase of a Cobray Arms M-11. I love the sub-machine gun look and the overall feel of the gun with the extended 32 round mag locked in.

So the reason for my post is to find out more about the gun. What info does anyone have on this gun? What are some of its good points, and some of its short comings. Maybe even a bit of interesting history, or upgrade suggestions.

Personally I am leaning towards an H&K style front K-grip, or a barrel extension and folding front handle to make the aim steadier. Thats a must as it jumps around a bit with its blow back ejection system. Maybe even a recoil buffer to help with that. I hate mock supressors though because they are just that... mocks.

Any replies are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

October 2, 2006, 02:54 PM
The famous cobray m11/9mm. first off, they have been made by umteen manufacturers.Daniels made them first and these were stamped on the frame with an SWD incorporated out of georgia.Then FMJ and Ectera made them out of tenn, these are stamped FMJ or LEINAD which is daniels backwards.Some of these were assembled from leftover parts after the places went under.So, a LEINAD,FMJ or SWD might have parts from many places of manufacture.Originals are difficult to locate.They are known to produce a stinging trigger finger from the way the searbar and hammer connect and the uneven angles in the entire assembly with which it operates.

Meantime, nighthawk made some others at one time as does masterpiece arms today.The zytl mags tend to seperate at the seams and also at the feedlips. Cobray(minot) still makes the parts and Ectera might still have them also.Masterpiece arms makes machined parts that are heat treated.Cobray makes excellent parts as well.One thing folks like to do is get rid of those zytel mags and go with an sten mag.Again, masterpiece arms sells the kits already done or you can buy the parts and have a smith do it.Zytel mags can be fixed by adding steel inserts,cobray sells these kits and has the mags already made that way.Cobray has a surplus smg mag that fits in the same magwell as the zytels and works where the zytels wont.They may be suomi stick mags with a few modifications.They do work.

The gun itself has undergone many changes from its open bolt smg beginnings in the ingram 45 acp smg design to the redesigned bolt of the semiauto masterpiece arms manufacture.They claim no stinging finger, I have yet to try an MPA m11/9mm but someday will as they are very reasonably priced.The flexable strap and hanger on the front for a grip is absolutly useless on a semiauto.Adding a hard grip such as a second pistol grip may change the status to a title weapon requiring a tax stamp.Adding anykind of shoulder stock to a m11/9mm semiauto pistol will definatly require a special tax stamp.Adding a stock would require adding a 16 inch barreled upper to be legal.

Clear as mud yet?

October 2, 2006, 03:03 PM
If its an M11 pistol, you cannot add the forward "k" grip or vertical grip without first registering it as an AOW (Any Other Weapon). There are buttstock kits available, but to use one you first have to add a 16" or greater barrel - then you can add the stock (and vertical grip if so desired) without registering as an AOW or SBR. Unless you register it as an NFA weapon (either SBR or AOW) NEVER have a stock on the weapon without a 16" barrel, and NEVER have a vertical grip on it without a buttstock AND a 16" barrel.

For upgrades, you might consider some of the uppers designed with HK type sights, sidecocking uppers, and Suomi drum conversions. Just make sure you get an upper conpatible with a semi-auto, non-NFA lower - most of their wares are for registered full-autos.


October 4, 2006, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. You have been very helpful. As foer the stinging trigger finger... thats no joke i about rubbed my finger raw.

Thatnks especially for the great links Shaggy. The things you can do with this weapon are amazing, and I thank you for enlightening me to the weapons laws reguarding the upgrades for my gun. Who knows? I might have ended up with a hefty fine.

October 4, 2006, 03:28 PM
Its not the fine to worry about; its the prison time and the felony record thats the real deterrent. FWIW, however, you can get a nylon strap that attaches where the barrel meets the upper receiver. That doesn't require any registration as an SBR or AOW. When I had a semi auto M11, I had it set up with a sling at the rear of the gun and the front nylon strap. Of course, if you live in an NFA state, its only an extra $200 transfer tax to register it as an SBR. For an AOW it can be even less. Have a licensed manufacturer (FFL 07/SOT) register it as an AOW and than transfer it to you for only a $5 tax.