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September 19, 2006, 12:12 PM
Picked up a nifty little 1873 that was mfg'd by "Armi Jager". It has been fun searching around the various gun sites looking for the basic information on this gun but I still can't seem to find this exact model anywhere, or a basic history of the former Armi Jager.

My new gun looks almost exactly like this "Pinkerton Model", except for the barrel/ejector;


The barrel on my gun is 2 3/4" and ejector-less and looks basically the same as the one pictured on this gun below;


There are other subtle differences between these pics, which I found on the EMF website and are identified as Hartford reproductions made by Armi San Marcos, and my little gun. The hammer on mine is not case hardened and is of a slightly different shape and there is not a trace of brass on my gun.

The markings on mine are as follows;
On the 2 3/4" barrel is marked "JAGER ITALY MOD. 1873" and "DAKOTA CAL. 45 COLT" along with various Italian proof marks and an importer stamp "CAI 1455".
There are also proof marks on the left side of the frame and on the cylinder.

To further describe my "new" gun; it has a colorful case hardened frame, and the cylinder, barrel and backstrap are beautifully polished and blued. The trigger guard might have been blued, but not as well, because it is mostly gone from the typical wear areas. As near as I can tell (this is my first "SAA") this one is exactly like the original "1st generation" Colts, with no transfer bars, etc) Lock up is extremely solid and the trigger is light with about w/ a millimeter or two of take up before a smooth break. I cannot wait to shoot this baby!

Anyway, here is what I have been able to learn so far;

Armi Jager or something like that was the name of an Italian company which obviously made SAA clones that were distributed by EMF under the "Dakota" name. Fairly early in the game, it seems, Armi Jager either went belly up or stopped making guns for EMF. It was at this point that EMF hooked up with Armi San Marco and they continued with the "Dakota" line. The Dakota line is described by EMF on their website as their budget models. The only difference to which the confess is the use of brass instead of steel for the back strap and trigger group.

Some information that I would love to learn;

When did Armi Jager go out of business if they did?

When did EMF start importing Italian SAA's?

How do these Italian clones (and particularly this Armi Jager version) compare with the original Colts in terms of quality and usability?

Thanks in advance to all those who can fill in any of these blanks for me. I would love to figure out all I can about this nifty little shooter. I will present a range report after I have had a chance to shoot her.


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