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howard bleach
September 17, 2006, 07:58 PM
I've searched the archives and there's been discussion about individual resources offered by AGI, and some talk about the American Gunsmithing Association, but no reports on the entire certification class. Has anyone done it? The ad in the recent issue of American Handgunner seemed mighty tempting, as this has always been something I've wanted to do. Whaddyall think?

September 17, 2006, 10:12 PM
First of all, the two are seperate, the American Gunsmithing Institute has some very good courses and the American Gunsmithing Association has a very good magazine and other benefits as well.

I have taken the courses that AGI has and I believe they are first rate and recommend them to anyone. You can go to a school and get the knowledge or you can stay at home and get the same knowledge and I think it is as good as going to a school. Some will argue this point with me, but not anyone that has actually seen the videos and taken the tests.

I talked with a guy the other day about this. He wants to become a gunsmith and was considering going to the school in Colorado. From what he told me, his investment not counting the cost of being there for two years without working was going to be more than $30,000. That's an awful lot plus once you get out of school, you can figure on spending almost as much building a shop and supplying it with the tools and machines that you are going to need as well. That's around a $60,000 investment before you start out making any money.

Take into consideration that you can get the Master course from AGI which includes every course they offer on gunsmithing, this will include every kind of pistol and revolver, 22 rifles and pistols, shotguns from semi-auto to break action, plus centerfire rifles, plus building 45 ACP's, making Glocks Rock, blueprinting of rifles and refinishing of the guns, plus a mahine shop course and a welding course, a mini lathe, a band sander, plus a Foredom Tool and your investment will be around $5500.

You can still live at home and work a job as well as take this course so you don't have to give up a job that may actually be earning your family a living and take your time becasue there is no time limit on finishing the course.

The one drawback that you may encounter is the fact that you may not have access to all of the various guns that you will work on with the DVD's, but you will have the DVD's for future reference if one comes into your shop later on down the line. You can of course buy the gun you need and refinish it if you don't already have access to what you need to practice with and turn it around for a profit or keep it if you choose to do this.

I have a fairly extensive collection myself and what I didn't have, my father or Father In-law had and didn't run into this but on one gun, but I did find someone that had it. You can still pass the test though even if you don't have access to the gun if you can simply watch the DVD and take notes on them.

You can get a payment plan if you need that as well with AGI, just ask them about it.

I worked for a smith for a couple of years while I was taking the course and I learned as much from the videos as I did from him. I think you will enjoy them as well. Best of luck with the decision.

howard bleach
September 18, 2006, 02:54 AM
Wow, thanks so much cntryboy! That was extremely helpful. The free introductory video is en route, I'll have a look and take it from there. Much appreciated.

September 18, 2006, 02:29 PM
If you run into any problems while taking the classm, you can call Bob dunlap, the man that teaches it and ask him questions which help a great deal as well. Ask anything you need from here as well. Best of luck with it,

Jeff Hendrix

September 18, 2006, 03:27 PM

I don't intend to hijack your thread, just want to ask cntryboy a question.

cntryboy, we chatted in another forum about your son's Ithaca 37. How is your back doing? Hope you're up on your feet soon if you aren't already.

September 18, 2006, 06:42 PM
Hey man how are you yourself? I was looking forward to taking a look at your shotgun myself. I'll show you mine if you show yours....LOL

I am still not back to work, shop has ben closed since back in February and I only take a job now and then when it is someone that I know. The doc said it would take me up to a year and a half to get back on my feet, I just hope and pray I get back on them before then. I get out there and piddle around now and then, but not for any length of time. I can stand by my Mill or Lathe or sit on a stool for about 30-45 minutes and that is about all. Once I go inside, it is usually to stay for a day or two before I feel up to getting back out there.

I wish I could say I was an old man and that was the reason for it taking so long to get back to work, but I am still a young 'un at 41. Hopefully by the grace of God I will get back to work very soon though.

Tahnks for asking about it Hoghunting. I was serious about taking a look at the shotgun you got. I'll take a pic of mine tomorrow and show it to you over on the other site on your post about it, or maybe here if you want to post on your great find.