View Full Version : PS in Houston Sept 30

September 11, 2006, 01:27 AM
I know, I know - it's controversial. This is just for those who are curious or interested. The merits or lack thereof can be discussed in another thread :)

However, I'm coordinating a PS/QK course for Sept 30/Oct 1 in Houston.

I cost is $500 per student; but there's a caveat. Every dime I make over $5K goes right back into the student's fees - whether for ammo, partial refund..whatever. I only want the training and don't really care to make a dime off of this one. So, there it is.
We can expect to fire off anywhere from 1K - 2K rounds over two days...

There is going to be some Low Light/No Light work, and we're going to do some edged weapons and C.A.R. work as well after the training day is over.

I have the course POI if anyone is interested - it covers exactly what techniques we'll be working on and what you can expect to perform/accomplish with each learned technique. PM me and I'll fwd it to you.

Stay sharp -