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Harry Bonar
September 8, 2006, 06:46 PM
Dear Shooters:
In the last few years I've used one shooting, reloading, hunting and ballistic reference almost exclusively - The A-Square Shooters Manual (any shot you want). by Lt.Col Art Alphin. Col. Alphin is 59 and perhaps the most well rounded builder of heavy game rifles. The Caesar, the Hanninal, and other models built on the model 17 action.
Col. Alphin has served his country, has spent hundreds of hours in Africa and has fired and hunted the biggest game rifles in the world.

A-Square Co is known world wide as the premier rifle built for heavy game today! The "coil-check" rifle stock is the best in recoil reduction made.
Col. Alphin has recliamed ownership of the Company and the Company is now running and "in the black".

I have purchased his ammo, the simply finest in the world - they manufacture their own brass and bullets. If you want to really know what you're talking about get this manual.
No - I get nothing for this - just the satisfaction of having the best dope out there on rifles, game hunting, reloading and a pletora of other information that is right on target!
Order your copy, from MidwayUSA or from Col. Alphin at 1-812-283-0577.
Art is designing a new action and we all sholud really watch that one!
Harry B.