View Full Version : High Standard Longhorn .22?

September 6, 2006, 02:18 PM
My father has this old High Standard DA revolver in .22 nine-shot. I forgot what the model number is, but do know that it has "Longhorn" or "Longhorn Convertible" etched into the 9" barrel. It still has the box and extra cylinder. The only High Standards I can find online are of the Sentinal nomenclature. They look nothing like this one, as it looks similar to a SA Ruger. I had to link to a pic because of it's size. Anybody familiar with it or what it's worth?

September 6, 2006, 06:40 PM
High Standard made a large series of .22 double action, swing-out cylinder revolvers that LOOKED like single actions.

These were all the same basic revolver, just with differing cosmetics.
Among the versions were the Durango, Hombre, High Sierra, Double Nine, Posse, Natchez, and the Longhorn.

These various models had steel or aluminum frames, some had .22 Magnum cylinders, but the big differences were in the finish and other cosmetics.

The Longhorn steel version came with fixed or adjustable sights, and came with a 9 1/2" barrel.
This was apparently discontinued in 1984.

The Longhorn aluminum version came with barrels of 4 1/2", 5 1/2", and 9 1/2".
It was produced from 1961 to 1966.

Value on a version in new condition would be "around" $260