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September 4, 2006, 05:56 PM
I have a glock 23 that I'm about to order some night sights for, and I'm between the trijicon and the ameriglo operator series. I like the trijicon's for the reason they seem to be the most used out there, but on the other hand I like the operator ameriglo's because the rear sights is tritium only, no white ring, and the front sight has a larger tritium dot with white ring than the trijicons. I can get either for $80 +$4 shipping from glockparts.com what's everyone's opinion on these? and is glockparts.com a reputable company to order from?

Harry Bonar
September 4, 2006, 07:26 PM
Dear Shooter:
The last thing - the very last thing when shooting "the elephant" is to have to line up a bunch of dots!
My choice is a black "half ghost ring" black Gary Paul Johnson rear and a tritium front with a white outline.

A gunfight only lasts 1 1/2 seconds - generally, from target acquisition to draw and firing. The thing that loses most lives in law enforcement (excluding judges) is the shock that "this is really happening syndrome" - only two of eight shots fired by law-enforcement result in solid hits. Training is far more beneficial that sights - a large number of gunfights are close that 7 yards - that's spitting distance1
Of course mybe you aren't in that group and just want a good defense gun - the same applies!
Harry B.

September 4, 2006, 07:47 PM
Both are good. I have owned both, and the Ameriglo sights seem a little brighter, about like Meprolights. Maybe even a little too bright....

Both are well made. I have never had a reason to use the customer service side of Trijicon, but I have with Ameriglo on a non-tritium sight. Ameriglo was absolutely outstanding to work with. Customer service is something they understand, and they back their products completely.

I am a BIG fan of Ameriglo after using a couple sets of their sights and being treated extremely well when I had an issue with one of their products. I wouldn't hesitate to use them.

September 5, 2006, 07:46 PM
The fact that Ameriglo offers sights that don't require a rear sight pusher and that they use Trijicon tubes might be of interest.

September 14, 2006, 09:43 PM
The last time I bought an Ameriglo nite sight for my AR15 the front post had Trijicom markings on it. It came in an Ameriglo package and was sealed, but it was a trijicon site.