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August 23, 2006, 05:16 PM
I have what I believe is a 1905 colt auto pistol I got when my father passed away. Some idiot in the past (not my father) chrome plated it and in the buffing process took most of the markings on the slide off!! However, I can make out the following on the right side of the slide: automatic Colt, caliber 38 rimless smokeless. S/N is 31166. I can't for the life of me figure out how to break it down for cleaning. I have numerous auto's and none of them are built anywhere close to this thing!! I'm stumped!!!
Also, as the pistol is in excellent condition, I would like to shoot it. What ammo would it take??? Thanks for any responce!! 'Mo:mad:

August 23, 2006, 07:12 PM
hornet, Try this link www.stevespages.com


James K
August 23, 2006, 08:37 PM
I'll give the same answer here I did on the other forum.

Make sure the gun is unloaded. Remove the magazine and hold the gun in the right hand. Turn it on its left side. Push in the concave button at the front of the slide. The key (Colt called it the slide stop) will drop out. Pull the slide to the rear and off the gun.

The .38 ACP is not made any more. .38 Super will fit but is MUCH too powerful. The best bet is handloading.


4V50 Gary
August 23, 2006, 09:01 PM
BTW, an engraver can re-engrave the missing markings.

August 24, 2006, 09:10 AM
Thanks all!! Following links I found out it's a 1903 Pocket Hammer model. Mfg. in 1912. 'Mo