View Full Version : I'll give a thumbs up to BassPro Shops

August 14, 2006, 05:42 PM
They recently treated me right, in my view, after initially notsomuch. Had a fairly large checkout at the annual fall classic sale, and ol girl at checkout says, would you like to apply for a such and such credit card for 10% off your entire purchase today? I initially say no, then she says "are you sure, it just takes two minutes". So I say what the heck. It took about 3 or 4 minutes, but not too bad, but I was not approved, so I go back to the counter and so OK, gimme that 10%. Oh no, you don't understand, you only get the 10% if you are approved. WTH? So I go to the manager and explain that the cashier did not say that - she just said "would you like to APPLY to get 10% off", the implication being (and what I actually though in my head) that you get the 10% whether approved or not, which is why I took the time to do it. Otherwise, I surely would not have wasted my time, because (a) I don't want or need the card, and (b) I know I'm not likely to be approved, with my student loan situation the way it is. So the manager says OK, no problem, I'll give you the 10% off anyway (this was on top of some pretty decent sale prices), and she gave me a free Browning logo hat to boot. So they try to make it right there, for the most part. But, OTOH, this could be viewed as a negative, in that they are misleading people when they ask them to apply, it would seem. In any event, I was happy when I left, and overall the level of service there was very high. :)