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August 14, 2006, 12:28 PM
I want to carry a couple of 1911's to hunt with and need holsters. This is the only forum that looked like the right place so if it is not, please redirect it to where it should be.

I will hunt with 5" 1911's. Two will be compensated and carry a small scope or one of several red dot sights. The other is 5" and will carry a small red dot like the Ultra Dot L/T on a short rail.

I am leaning toward leather to cover and protect the gun and to keep it from being grabbed by brush, thorn and vine. So while those compeition style holsers are really spiffy and space age and everything, they are exactly what I don't want since they offer no protection at all.

I actually was given one in a big box of used reloading equipment I bought but it was left handed so I immediately gave it away. It was a Davis leather unit with LG and 22450 6 1/2 marked on the back. It was definitely for a 5" 1911 so I don't know what the 6 1/2 designates. But it was pretty darned close to what I envision as ideal.

It was a mid-low carry with an open front to about 1/2" from the muzzle. There might have been a metal spring around the front opening but I really don't remember. It did have retention screws that you could adjust that would make it very difficult to draw at all so it was quite secure. I have done all manner of searches on that and come up empty and of course Davis is no longer in business or I would have contacted them direct

I know I want a strong side carry (not a shoulder holster) and whether it has a strap or not I am open as long as it holds it securely. I would appreciate any leads or advice

Many thanks

Capt. Charlie
August 20, 2006, 11:19 PM
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September 6, 2006, 07:58 PM
I'd check Ebay for Davis and for Ernie Hill, also consider early Rogers/Safariland and look at Layne Simpson's Custom 1911 book for pictures that might look good. - might ask around anyplace older practical (IPSC/USPSA) shooters hang out - as noted current equipment is not the way to go but some of the early efforts might suit you perfectly.