View Full Version : Walther P22 problem...:(

August 12, 2006, 02:55 AM
Ok, let me start out by saying I am baffled. I have shot this gun with not 1 malfunction in 900 rounds. I field stripped it, just removing the slide, cleaned it, put her back together...no issues or problems during this process, took all of 5 seconds to take it apart, and 10 to re assemble, no fighting it or anything...and now the Hammer appears to be dragging on the slide.

After the reassembly, I thought the action felt like there was friction so I took her to the range, in 1 mag I had FTF, FTE, and failure to go into battery.....if I cock it back and release the slide slowly by hand, I can stop the slide halfway back to battery on the hammer. I am sure its the hammer because I cocked it back as far as I could , held the hammer all the way back and the friction was gone. :confused: :confused: Any ideals what could have happened? The hammer does not appear cocked at a angle , tilted or anything...:mad: :mad: