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August 10, 2006, 06:27 AM
After years of owning them, I've decided to build 2 of them. 1 Flat top varmit rig, and 1 for a B-day gift for a Vietnam Vet, father in law of mine. Couple of questions, I'm planning on getting the kits like you see at model 1, M and A parts, ect. So, I'll have a complete upper, what special tools will I need to complete the lower, if any? Also, anyone have a source for triangular handguards, 3 prong hiders, or would you guys give the nod to a A-4, and pass on it being a close to original copy? His did not have forward assist, and so far I have not found a slick side upper. So it's not gonna be an exact copy, and from a utility stand point I think the A-4 upper would be a better choice. Just wanting so opinions.

August 10, 2006, 10:46 AM
Assembling lowers is very easy...done lots of them over the past 25 years.

Tools required are:
Small pin punches for the trigger guard and bolt catch roll pins. A small hammer is also useful for roll pin installation as is masking tape to protect the receiver against errant hammer blows. (Don't get frisky when installing the trigger guard roll pin. The #1 disaster is breaking off the thin receiver ears during roll pin installation.)

A 6 " long piece of coat hanger or stiff wire can be used to depress the pivot pin detent and spring as you slide the pivot pin into place.

Crescent wrench is used to install the receiver extension. Plumbers tape or anti-sieze compound can be used on the receiver extension threads to prevent aluminum-to-aluminum galling.

Screw driver for installing the buttstock screw to the receiver extension.

Allen wrench for installing the pistol grip.

A short piece of wooden matchstick can be used to make a slave pin for the trigger assembly. Put the trigger, sear and sear spring together with the wooden slave pin and drop the assembly into the receiver. The wooden slave pin will be pushed out as you install the trigger pin through the receiver.

Google "CDNN". They have new old stock SP1 uppers (slick sided with triangle handguards)